About Me

I grew up in New Hampshire, live free or die. I was homeschooled through high school and have 5 awesome siblings. I went to college in Pennsylvania and studied Austrian Economics before making my way to California in 2008. These days I live in Park City, UT, and spend a lot of time in Oregon, LA, SF & London. I'm working on projects in technology, crypto, food, and wine - all activities best with friends. My wife Gretchen is a rad artist, check out her stuff.

Work Projects

I began my career at Intuit in August of 2008 and then spent 10 years helping to build Hearsay Systems, a journey that took me all over the world including a 4-year stint in London. I worked on the Sourdough Pizza team at e5Bakehouse in London and my latest obsession is de la boue wines a project out of Willamette Valley Oregon that I started with my friend and winemaker Travis Todd. On the technology side, I've been dabbling in crypto for the last 5+ years and am now pursuing a new start-up in the space focused on Infrastructure/compliance.


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Trail Running Adventures

R2R2R - Grand Canyon (Sep 2018)

The Enchantments - Washington (Oct 2019)

Dipsea Trail Race - 10x consecutive completed 2010-2021

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